How Ellen can help you

Aesthetic Services

Various Anti-aging treatments offered such as: 

  • Next Generation Growth Factors Stem Cells Skin Care Line

  • Skin Anti-aging

  • Skin Brightening  

  • Neurotoxins Dysport/Botox 

  • Galderma and Allergan various HA Fillers

  • Radiesse Filler

  • Sculptra and Radiesse Collagen Inducers

  • Body Augmentation with Collagen Inducers

  • Chemical Peels various Medical Grade  

  • Microneedling with Growth Factors Stem Cells post kit, Face, Body, and Hair

  • Varicose Vein Treatment

  • PRP for Face, Hair and Vaginal/Genitalia

  • Vaginal /Genitalia Rejuvenation, Augmentation 

  • Hair Restoration

Dermatology Services

  • Skin Checks/ Assessments

  • Eczema

  • Acne

  • Mole removal

  • Anti-aging skincare

  • Melasma and Skin Brightening

  • Hair Restoration

Initial appointment and exam, consultation approximately 30 minutes with Skin Assessment of concerns. We will also discuss and identify treatment options specific to skin dermatology needs.

Metabolic Hormone Restoration

Assessment and Evaluation of Hormonal, Metabolic health concerns:

Hormones are chemical messengers that help our bodies function at their best.

When hormone levels fluctuate due to causes like aging or disease, our body’s ability to function properly can be reduced leaving us with poor health. Many men and women, with the aging process experience hormone fluctuations that can negatively impact their overall quality of life and health.

Hormones are used in the body to communicate between different systems and organs to trigger responses. These molecules are an important part of our body’s physiology, and we cannot function properly without them.  

BioI-dentical Hormone Restoration with Pellets:

This is where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) comes into play. BHRT is a personalized treatment option that uses standardized or personalized hormone treatments to balance hormones over a long period of time.

If you find that you’re experiencing hormonal fluctuation symptoms, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help balance your hormone levels, and produce lasting benefits to improve your health.

Health Optimization Treatment With Peptides

Assessment and evaluation of health concerns, goals, and needs in an initial consultation of approximately 30 minutes. Utilization of specific peptides for specific needs in health promotion and achieving optimal health

The future of regenerative, restorative medicine is the treatment and utilization of Peptides Peptides are dramatically changing lives for those seeking longevity and well-being. Peptide therapy may offer benefits including but not limited to better sleep, increase in muscle mass, weight loss, increased sex drive, overall improved mood, and a slowed aging process. 

Additional Offerings

Concierge Service Appointments available for individual and larger party needs.

Ellen is also available for personalized Educational Training in various procedures. Please contact Ellen to discuss individualized needs, and various training packages offered.

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